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What our clients say

Paul has been styling and colouring my hair for two years now, I am truly pleased with the results. I have been a Cambridge resident for over 20 years and have always been on a quest to find the holy grail in the form of a hairdresser – and now I can say hand on heart that I on-longer have a quest!

Nicola Wilcox

I had a tip-off about this new stylist in Cambridge and went to see for myself what the fuss was all about.  Paul did not disappoint, not only is he a great stylist but is super friendly and is hot on customer service. I really love my restyle and have found a hairstylist for life!

Sophie Evans

Since Paul landed in Cambridge as a hairstylist, he has taken the scissors to task on my hair and has reinvented my mainstream barber cut to modern on-trend style and each time I walk away a happy man!

Mike Lakeland

As a more mature client, I was slightly hesitant when it came to trying out a stylist instead of a barber. Paul put me at ease straight away, he was polite, friendly, incredibly professional and exceeded all my expectations.

Rivers Carew

I travel all the way from Birmingham to have my hair styled and coloured by Paul. If that is not a testimonial in itself – I’ll eat my hat!

Victoria Lloyd